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1How long will my permanent make up last?
  • Your permanent make up will last typically between 1-3 years. Mineral traces will still be present after it fades, but it can be touched up.
  • Depending on what products you use for your skin, how much exposure to the sun, how much your body consumes the iron oxide in your pigment, some wearers may have their PMU last longer than others.
  • 2Will this hurt?
  • We use two types of topical numbing products and allow ample time for the numbing to take effect.
  • Pain tolerance is subjective to each individual. However, there may be some factors which may affect your level of tolerance.
  • 3What is the difference between Permanent Makeup and Body Tattoo?
  • Permanent Makeup artists are trained to apply pigment to your face. We work with intricate areas of your skin and take great care in different treatment areas.
  • With PMU (Permanent Make Up) we use a pen with ink cartridges, body tattoo is applied with a rotary machine.
  • Permanent makeup is applied with iron oxide pigments, in superficial layers of your skin (third layer of epidermis). Iron oxide will deplete over time and fade. Makeup trends change over time, therefore having PMU will be easier to change the make up looks. Body tattoo uses carbon ink, deposited deeper in the skin (dermis layer) typically will last longer, sometimes a whole lifetime
  • 4 Can PMU be removed if it is undesired?
    Yes we can remove it permanently. We have several treatment modalities we can use successfully. Every case is different and would need a customized treatment plan. Book a consultation and we can find a solution.
    5Will PMU help treat Alopecia, hair loss, or other skin conditions like vitiligo?
    Permanent Make-up is a cosmetic solution to these medical skin and hair conditions. It will help camouflage and conceal, however will not cure the patient of these medical conditions.